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Crassula capitella

Succulent ART is a Perth based cacti and succulent production nursery that began its journey in late 2007. It was developed through a passion and admiration of all things cacti and succulent. What began as a part time hobby grew to an out of control addiction, and from there a business was born. From humble beginnings, selling at the Kalamunda Markets and Manning Markets, we then went on to develop a retail online store, Fickle Prickles, in early 2009.

As we started to receive wholesale requests from retail nursery outlets, we developed the brand Succulent ART in 2012 - A range of classic and collectable succulents that would be readily available in independent garden nurseries and green shop retailers across WA.

Who We are

Succulent Bowls
  • We specialise in all things cacti and succulents!
  • We also grow tropical plants suited to terrariums
  • We supply miniature fairy garden houses and furniture
  • AND supplies to create succulent wreaths and other succulent projects

We supply independent garden nurseries and green shop retailers across Western Australia (WA):

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Our values

Succulent Collectables

We are a small, family owned business, with decades of horticultural experience, and we take pride in producing healthy plants that are grown to suit Western Australian conditions.

We use the latest hygienic growing techniques to ensure our stock is pest and disease free and of the best quality.

All of our plants are locally grown here in Perth, WA and are suited to Western Australian conditions. All plants are fully established in their pots before becoming available for sale at Succulent ART retailers.

Identified species
Grown to suit WA conditions
Largest range in WA
Professionally grown